This manual is a concise and all-inclusive guide to maintaining the human machine. The manual is compiled using expert input on body alignment, nutrition, psychology and medical maintenance. It is the author's conviction that we can suspend our aging between the  ages of 45 and 75.  


The Author

Dr. Ron Green, has a passion  for health and fitness that spans a life-time of practice and play. With his over 40 years of experience and study of the human body, he has fine-tuned his skills and knowledge.

His background as a multi-sport athlete, gymnastics coach, university anatomy instructor, stuntman, inventor, and chiropractor, all contributed to the making of this manual.

We believe that your body and mind should be treated like a well tuned machine. With proper maintenance and attention, you should be able to go on hikes, play sports, dance and make love without pain, well into older ages!

One Body For Life



Basic Models                  Oils                                            

Alignment                       Battery Charge                                                

Tires / Shoes                  Psyche   

Movement                      Aging Vehicles

Exercise                           Maintenance Schedule

Food Tank                      Medical History Notes

Fuel/Nutrients              Family History Notes